MESSAGES for the PHILIPPINES from Our MOTHER OF LOVE, PEACE & JOY In the Mountain of Salvation, Tagaytay near Batulao to Emma de Guzman

NOTE: This is not verbatim. It is recorded to the best of the ability of one of the persons close to Emma and who has been present in the occasions related below.

Emma De Guzman is a very humble Filipina DH (domestic helper) inspired by the Blessed Mother to come to the Philippines in December 2004 because she was going to appear to her with a message for the Philippines. Since 2004, the Mother of Jesus who calls herself the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy has been appearing to Emma to give messages to us every September 8 and December 8 in the Mountain of Salvation of Love Peace and Joy in Tagaytay near Batulao and Don Bosco Retreat House.

One cannot but believe in the authenticity of Mama Mary’s messages to Emma and in Emma’s integrity because of physical manifestations. For example, whenever Mama Mary speaks to her, from her face start appearing gold dust. She also has during certain periods the stigmata (wounds like that of Christ) and marks of lashes that appear on her back. Emma, as well as the gold dust, have the healing power from God.

Last September 7, 2009, Bishop Arguelles of Lipa said Holy Mass for the thousands of people including many priests who were in vigil at the Mountain of Salvation till Mama Mary appeared in the first hour of September 8. An account of the September 8, 2009 apparition of Mama Mary to Emma is included below. A documentary on Emma de Guzman is available. We are making arrangements for their sale to a greater number. Visit and find newearthlpj for updates on messages of Mama Mary to the Philippines and directions to the Mountain of Salvation, a place of prayer where Mama Mary appears to Emma.

DECEMBER 18, 2008 Talk by EMMA

Mahal na mahal Niya tayo. God gave our country the best gift—the gift of faith. “Hindi ko kayo pababayaan dahil mahal na mahal ko kayo.” I saw her over the Philippine islands and covering it with her mantle that’s why we didn’t have tsunami. Ang Pilipinas ay lupang napakayaman.


If we love one another, if we are united and reconciled through complete forgiveness, Jesus will rebuild our country. All the other countries will be looking at us as an example. We will be the center of faith and love-- the Philippines where people love and help each other ( “nagmamahalan at nagtutulungan”) It is because of our gift of faith, that we can give love.

Mama Mary’s love is “pagmamahal na walang hanggan”. My children should humble themselves and forgive each other “Hinihintay ko na ang mga anak ko ay magmahalan…” She wants us to “ forgive unconditionally” “ I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. This (the Phil.) will be the center of renewal and faith. With your response, My Son will rebuild the destroyed.”

“You are my prayer warriors . Your simple prayers reach the ends of the world.” “Ang lahat ng dasal ay pinakikinggan ng Diyos lalung-lalo na kung GALING SA PUSO. “ In her September 8, 2008 apparition to Emma, Our Mother said we are now entering the “ exciting part of the pilgrimage on earth.”

DECEMBER 8, 2008: EMMA WITH OUR MOTHER OF LOVE, PEACE AND JOY, at the Mountain of Salvation, Tagaytay

Note: Words of Emma and Mama Mary below are not verbatim.

(Last Sept 8, 2008, Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy said that we are about to enter the exciting part of the pilgrimage.) On Dec 8, 2008, she said, “You have now entered the exciting part of our pilgrimage. “

Emma started crying. We asked her why. Emma saw Mama Mary crying very much and Emma said, “If you see Mama Mary cry you want to die na rin because of sorrow. Ayaw na ayaw mong makita si Mama Mary umiiyak.”

“ I saw Mama Mary cry. She was saying, “Why are they killing my babies? Make sure that you fall down on your knees and ask God to intervene in this Bill that they are passing in Congress.” Because she didn’t understand, Emma asked Fr. Dennis Paez, “Ano ba itong Bill? She was told this is the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

According to Emma, “ Mama Mary said, ‘This Bill will bring your country into darkness the way the other countries were deceived. Why then am I appearing in your country if you will just allow this Bill to pass because this Bill is against God’s law of life? You think this Bill is good for the sake of women, but it will destroy your souls.’ ”

Someone said, “Maybe we should march against this bill.” Emma said, “No, Mama Mary said to fall on our knees so God will intervene because we are fighting the power of darkness. We have to be at level of prayer.

She said we have to stand up and fight for our faith because the RH Bill is patterned from foreigners. We have to stand up so that they don’t do this to us.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2009: EMMA WITH OUR MOTHER OF LOVE, PEACE AND JOY, at the mountain of Salvation, Tagaytay

September 7 vigil: Bishop Arguelles of Lipa said Mass at 6pm and another Mass was said at 10 pm of Sept. 7. There were many priests including a foreign priest who came just for Mama Mary’s visit. We were so many and we were getting drenched in the heavy rains! We were praying all the time by attending the Masses, praying rosaries and chaplets of Divine Mercy. We spent the night in vigil praying and then as midnight turned to the first early morning hour of September 8, we sang Happy Birthday. Emma sang in tongues, some say in Hebrew, to Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy who appeared to her.

It was raining and cloudy dark all night. Then suddenly when the clock struck September 8, everyone was pointing at the moon. The clouds had parted swiftly, revealing a moon that did not look like the pale moon we are used to. It was moving and dancing! Despite the thick clouds, it shone very brightly through them. One was spellbound gazing at the moon! It was marvelous because it was pulsating! Different intensities of light radiated from it. The clouds were different too! They smoked and roiled imbued with changing and deep colors, as if lighted by angels of different colors .

Right after Our Lady appeared and talked to Emma, she relayed to the crowds who were there the following messages of Mama Mary. What is written below may lack some details since Emma’ voice was coming softly to the writer of this account:

• Stay simple. Simplicity is the best.

• Do not praise people too much. Praise my Son instead.

• The rain is a sign that Jesus is washing away our sins.

* From 2010 to 2015 tremendous graces will fall on your country because My Son will be rewarding you. The light that you saw (referring to the dancing pulsating moon) is light coming down from heaven. My Son has provided an opening from heaven for blessings to pour on the Philippines.

* The petitions have been brought to my Son. (referring to the petitions people had written in pieces of paper)

* The Philippines has a special place in My Son's heart

* The soul of somebody special to the Philippines and the Lord is now in heaven.


It calls one’s attention that in a talk that Emma gave on September 13, 2009, rather than speak about the September 8 apparition of Our Lady to her, she emphasized a vision she had about ten years ago. She saw a man emerging, chosen by God to lead the country. Emma was asked how old the man was. 40? 50? She said, “basta below 60.”

Then Emma related this vision of the man emerging to lead our country to her Sept. 8, 2009 vision. Emma said that maybe one of the rewards ( Mama Mary had said, “ From 2010 to 2015 tremendous graces will fall on your country because My Son will be rewarding you.”) is that we will be given this someone to lead us for this period (2010 to 2015). This man has characteristics that we will discern ourselves:
• He is not vindictive
• His main concern is for the good of the country, to serve the country and to serve God.
• He is doing everything according to God’s will.
• He has a pure heart.

Duterte Cayetano 2016

Emma said, “If you see this person, you will know this person is the one. Ikaw mismo makikita mo yun. Do not be unhappy if your choice is not the choice of God. Tingnan mo ang kanyang “qualities” Is he doing the will of God?”

Then Emma spoke of the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill), “ Mamamatay na ako kung pumasa ang RH Bill. She said that the worst thing you can ever see is Mama Mary crying. Gusto mo na rin mamatay.”

She repeatedly emphasized that she’s trying to connect her 1997 vision of the man to her vision of September 8, 2009 because in that vision Mama Mary said that between 2010 and 2015, tremendous graces will come to us because Her Son will be rewarding us. We will witness the transformation of our country. “ Nirerelate ko lang yung nakita kong vision noong 1997 sa mga graces ng 2010 to 2015. Magagalit yong ibang tao because he (the man who will lead the country) will take away corruption, fixing the country and doing the will of God. He has a pure heart. He only wants to serve God and our country. “

Emma said she did not see the man clearly and saw only his forehead. She did not say that the man she saw has a long forehead, contrary to word that is going around.


Anonymous at: February 5, 2013 at 1:42 AM said...

Im a Filipino pero nakakapanghinayang na hindi ko sya kilala.....Napaiyak ako nung accidentally nakita ko sya sa Youtube yung documentary nya kaya hanggang ngayon inaalam ko ang lahat sa kanya inisip ko someday madadagdagan ang saint natin sa Pinas.....dto na kmi sa Riyadh since 2009 at pauwi kmi itong March....Gusto ko talaga sya makita at puntahan ang Mt of Salvation sa Batangas....Emma is rwally a servant of God......

Anonymous at: June 10, 2013 at 7:34 AM said...

i think the chosen man in the vision, in my opinion is bongbong marcos. this man has a lot of wealth and he does not need to rob our country but just to serve our country and serve God.i wish and pray that this vision will come to a reality now to save our country in terms of economy and praising God is a must. and i am praying that if this vision comes to our country, people should not forget God even the pilipino becomes busy or becomes richer, thus forget about going to churches like the western countries and the u.s.a..

{ macky } at: November 20, 2013 at 10:49 PM said...

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Anonymous at: May 24, 2014 at 11:55 PM said...

magaganda po yong mensahe po pra saten mga pilipino, thanks god na isa po tayo sa napili ng ating mahal na dios na si jesucristo ang bayan nten na di tayo iniwan nya sa kbila ng lhat na d pagkakasundo sa mga anjan po may mgapinili pren po cla na tao katulad po ni sister emma pra mapaabot po ang mensahe ng dyos pra sten mga pilipino..praise the po at god bless

Anonymous at: May 25, 2014 at 12:17 AM said...

maganda po yong mensahe, ni sister emma po pra sa ating mga pilipino,lalo na po na isa po ang bayang pilipinas ni pinili ng dyos na si jesucristo na di nya po ewan ang byan na ito. sa kabila ng lhat na marami kaguluhan d anjan pren po ang dyos laging nagsusubaybay saten at nagpili pa sya ng tao na si sister emma pra mapaabot sa ang mensahe ng dyos pra saten isang halimbawa po yan na khit tayoy makasalan lalo na ako mmahal pren po tayo ng dyos.thank you lord sa lahat kw ang aming sandigan sa lahat na panahon...

Anonymous at: May 25, 2014 at 12:38 AM said...

may mga katanungan lng po ako na na eperience ko po ng ako bata pa. lage po sa panaginip ko..habang tulog po ang mama papa ko, ate at kuya ko bandang alas 3 ng mdaling araw po nagising po ako pagdilat ng mata ko, nkita kopo yong image ni mama mary sa sa curtina po sobrang liwanag ng mukha nya.. natakot po ako at pinikit ko mata ko.... ilang months po lumipas naginip naman po ako sobrang liwanag ng buwan nkita ko po yung anghel po iniikotan po yong si jesus christ po naglalakad sa napakahabang tulay sa gitna ng gubat, at may nkasunod na mga tao sa kanya. nkatayo lng po ako sa gitna ng tulay habang dpa nkarating si jesus sa kinatatayuan ko nilakad ko po yong tulay kong ano ang sa dulo pagdating ko po nkita ko npakalawak na tubig at putol ang tulay bumalik po ako at nkasalubong ko po si jesus naglalakad... tumabi lang po ako....

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